Jan 12, 2014

Ready for the Week!

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the importance of planning.  It is so darned true!  I entered last week with no plan.  There was an "idea" of a plan, but the plan did not materialize.  Well, I am writing this post on a Sunday night, and the food for my lunches is all ready to go and I have a menu planned out for dinners.

It is crazy how empowering a plan actually is.  Tonight, I grilled some Chipotle Marinated Chicken -- this is quite possibly the BEST marinade recipe I have ever made in my entire life.  I make it again and again, and I never get sick of it!  I plan to pack a portion of this in my lunch each day.

I am carb cycling, so on my low carb days, I am pairing this with steamed vegetables.  On the higher carb days, I will be pairing it with a small serving of brown rice and some grilled peppers and onions.

I grilled a big pile of peppers and onions ahead of time, so all I will have to do is scoop some into my bowl.

For breakfast, I bought some plain greek yogurt.  I am pairing it with some thawed frozen berries with some Stevia sprinkled on top.  

Snacks will consist of fresh fruit, raw almonds, and low sodium deli turkey or roast beef.

In a separate effort to get motivated for working out, I purchased some new "gym gear."  I was hesitant to buy anything since having to spend a ton of money on a new furnace recently.  I could not, however, pass up the huge sale at Old Navy on their active wear.  

Forgive the awful mirror selfies.  I am so bad at taking them -- I think mostly because I feel so strange doing it.  I got 2 pair of the Old Navy compression pants, which are just awesome!  I also got a pullover, which I also fell in love with.  When my budget allows, I am going to have to purchase more items from their collection.  They fit and feel great!

I also got a new pair of running shoes right after Christmas for a mere $22 on sale.  

You can't see them, but in addition to that, I bought 2 new sports bras from Meijer.  Thanks to "MPerks", I was able to get them buy one get one half off.  

So, hopefully with my awesome food that is prepped and my new gym clothes, I will be well on my way to a successful week!  How did you prepare yourself for this week!

Daily Dose of Del Signore


  1. That chicken looks delicious! Way to start this week of strong! To stay motivated for the week, I usually write down a workout plan for each day. It's always subject to change, but at least a guideline to go by!

  2. LOVE the workout outfitt, I love Old Navy sales too! Way to go on being motivated!



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