Jan 19, 2014

It NEVER Fails!!

I don't know what it is, but every time I revamp my eating and exercise plan, I seem to start my period that very week.  Therefore, I never really get an accurate weigh in --- because I am all bloated and crap. I do not plan it this way, it just seems to always be the way it works out.  Maybe PMS causes me to get so pissed off at my body, that I recommit to change.  Who knows? Oh well, hopefully it will show in next week's weigh in. I can say, however, that I did hop on the scale this morning (fully clothed) and on my period, and I weighed the same as I weighed last week.  Soooo, to me that means I lost something.  I hope...

Weight loss or no, I had a really good week.

Good stuff that happened:

  • I stuck to my meal plan (for the most part).  I ate chocolate yesterday, but it was not an insane amount.  I am sorry, but cannot live in a world where chocolate is off limits. 

  • I made it to the gym when I could.  
  • I kept a positive attitude, even when things weren't "perfect."
  • I had a solid meal plan.   

Things I could have done better:

  • I worked late and got home late two nights this week.  One of those nights, I probably could have gone to the gym, but let the late night be an excuse not to go.  I have to end those excuses.
  • I need to drink more water.  I get hooked on coffee in the mornings and drink that when I should be drinking my water. 
  • I need to eat more than a piece of fruit for breakfast.  I am hungry again before I even get to work.

Things I am switching up this week:

  • I still have a meal plan in place, but I have changed it around so that I will not get bored.  I mentioned above that I need to do better at breakfast.  The problem is that I have to eat on the go.  Sooo, I bought some whey protein.  I plan to take a protein shake with me in the car AND the piece of fruit. This should do better at keeping me full.
  • I am outlining a workout plan this week as well.  I am noticing that my endurance is really improving (so proud of that!), so I am going to challenge myself more.  I get to wrapped up in doing what is comfortable.  Time to push the envelope a little!
  • I tend to get lazy with exercise on the weekends.  Therefore, I am going to plan to work out at least one day during the weekend and make it a good one!  
  • I am going to take part in at least one class at my gym this week. 
  • More water!!  I mentioned the coffee habit.  I am going to limit myself to one cup and drink water after that. 
  • Keep a smile on my face and remember that I am worth it!

Daily Dose of Del Signore


  1. Hi Courtney! I have a hard boiled egg, an ounce of cheese, and an ounce of almonds for breakfast M-F. All very easy to get prepped the night before, and eat without a mess on the go! So healthy, and all that protein keeps me fueled for hours!

    I went 62 years before I was able to give up chocolate. Now 20 days on the other side, it is SO nice to not have the cravings anymore! The battle can be won! :)

  2. Hi Courtney, thanks for linking up! I love how you've listed the good stuff and the stuff you can work on, then made a plan for it! I had/have the coffee problem too. For during the week I cured it by only drinking my coffee on the way to work. I have a 20-30 min drive so it's plenty of time to drink my one go mug, then it's water the rest of the day unless I get it all in with time for something else. On the weekends I force myself to drink 20oz of water before my coffee, it helps me want more water after that one cup.
    Good luck meeting your goals this week!



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