Jan 8, 2014

My Latest Fitness Crush

During my very long path towards fitness -- a path which is often lined with mud, rocks, and doggie doo -- I look for inspiration.  I get my inspiration in a number of ways.  Entering the blogging world has inspired me, because not only do I get to talk to people about my own story, but I also get to read theirs.  I have a list of blogs that I visit on a regular basis and am so impressed with the stories that I see.  I also like to read self-help books related to fitness.  I am always on the search for ideas to help me with nutrition and exercise.

I also like to watch fitness related TV shows.  I was a big fan of the Biggest Loser for a long time, but I can't stomach it anymore.  Watching people participate in obstacle courses reminiscent of  those in Nickelodeon's Double Dare while living in a secluded ranch does not inspire me anymore. It doesn't inspire me because it isn't real life. Sure, seeing them struggle with the inner demons that brought them there is real and emotional. Watching them drop weight after working hard in the gym is good to see.  It just is not relate-able for me and my efforts with weight loss in the midst of the struggles present in daily life.  I also got really sick of the product placement.  "Come here and make lunch! We are going to eat this Progresso soup! It is highly processed and full of unhealthy amounts of sodium! Enjoy!"   I still do like Jillian.  I enjoy her podcast as well as her workout DVDs. The woman knows what she is doing.   She was my fitness crush for a long time.  By crush I don't mean that I had fantasies about us running off together into the sunset.  My definition of a fitness crush is the person or people that I look to for advice fitness wise that I cannot get enough of.  Their words inspire me.  Their advice makes sense.  They are my mentors even though I will likely never have the opportunity to stand in the same room with them.  While I still have feelings for Jillian, and we had a good run, someone has taken her place in my fitness heart.

That person is....

Chris Powell.  I love this guy -- not because he is adorable...well, maybe a little bit, but mostly because he inspires me.  Up until about a month ago, I didn't even know who this guy was -- because apparently I was living under a rock or something.  You see, through all the weight loss blogs I follow, I stumbled across the Instagram account of Jaqui McCoy.  She was a participant in ABC's Extreme Weight Loss.  I saw her amazing before and after pictures and decided to look her up and read about her story.  Through that, I stumbled across her Extreme Weight Loss episode on YouTube.  Chris Powell is the trainer, who helps these participants with their transformations.  I mean, it is still TV magic -- there are still unrealistic aspects, but at least these participants still have to battle the challenges of doing the work at home -- some even while still working full time jobs.  I fell in love with the show and started watching more episodes and became more intrigued with Chris' approach.  

Soooo, I went out and bought

I got this because I wanted to read the details of his nutrition and fitness plan.  I needed suggestions for the gym -- besides the machines.  (I had a free appointment with a personal trainer, and it was not very helpful. She was really young and inexperienced and basically told me that she would make it easy on me.  I don't want you to be easy on me!  I have been too easy on myself for too long!)  I also wanted to read about carb cycling.  

I am not going to get into what carb cycling is (maybe another time), but I wanted an easy to follow meal plan that is doable.  I tried Whole 30, and while I did lose weight, it was not realistic for me to stick with.  I went back to counting calories, but still wasn't getting the results that I wanted.  While counting calories is important, I still need a framework.  This seemed like one that I could do and keep doing.

I also love Chris' wife, Heidi.  I have been reading her blog also.  She gives lots of great information for fitness, managing a healthier lifestyle while being a working mom, and nutrition -- including great recipes.  I pretty much just want them to adopt me into their adorable family and beat my fat ass into a skinny ass.  

So, yeah, the Powells are my current obsession.  I can't help myself, but inspiration is inspiration.  I will take it whenever I can!   Who is your fitness crush?  

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  1. I have been OBSESSED with him for so long. I frequently put his picture on my blog and talk about how I want him to wrap his big lovely arms around me. How was the book?



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