May 6, 2014

Getting Over It

This month I vowed to try some fitness activities that take me out of my comfort zone.  Well, so far so good.

I started T25 even though I had a lot of conversations with myself over whether or not it was a good idea. When looking at previews of T25, I had the following thoughts...

I cannot make my body move like that!

Is that actually a pool of sweat on the floor in front of that one guy? Yikes!

It looks so haaaaaaaard! 

Damn, that looks painful.

THEN, I saw before and after pictures of people who completed the program.  This picture is the one that sold me!  I think the words that actually came out of my mouth when I saw this were "Great Odin's raven!!" (No joke...)

photo courtesy of Team Beachbody

So, I ordered it and got started last week.

Last week, my kids started swimming lessons at my gym.  While watching them swim I decided that it would be cool to start swimming as a form of exercise in the evenings.  First, I would do T25 at home and then I would drive to the gym to swim.

I arrive at the gym, get my locker, and walk to the pool.  It is FILLED with senior citizens.  I have NO CLUE why this intimidated me, but it did.  I felt like I had stepped into the movie Cocoon.  (If I was in Cocoon, who did that make me?  Steve Guttenberg?)

Is it sad that you younger whippersnappers who are reading this may not even know who Steve Guttenberg is??  I feel sorry for you.  He is Hollywood ROYALTY!  But, I digress...

Walking to the pool I am thinking...

That is a lot of older folk.  Am I like invading their turf or something?

My arm flab is disgusting.  I would look so much cuter without it.

Why do I care how cute I look at the gym?  

These old men are awesome!  They swim so much better than me.

Are they judging me?

Why I am the only one not using one of those little foam bar bells?

Despite these ridiculous thoughts, I got into the pool and swam laps for about 30 minutes.  They were slow laps, but they were laps.

What is the point of me sharing all of this?  I guess the point is that if we are insecure about some things we can try and talk ourselves out of GOOD things.  I am trying so hard to ignore that negative voice in my head and step out of my comfort zone.  It is RIDICULOUS to avoid a pool because there are lots of people in it. They were, by the way, lots of very sweet people.  It also makes ZERO sense to avoid trying a new workout because it might be hard.  Waaaaaah!  Poor baby has to sweat!  Get over it! Isn't challenging yourself the point!?  This is just another way of making the excuses that I discussed earlier this week.  One thing I am learning lately is that if I am comfortable with a workout it is time to shake things up.  I am proud of challenging myself more lately!

It made me think of this awesome quote I saw recently.  It said:

Cry a river. Build a bridge. Get over it.

It may seem harsh but I love it.  Step outside your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself.  We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for!

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  1. I would love to do a swim class! Let us know how the T25 goes!



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