Jan 7, 2014

Holiday Photo Dump

I am behind on recapping my holiday break.  Whoops!  I am not going to go on with a ton of details about how I spent my break.  Just thought I would share some photos and a few blurbs!

We went back to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo with my parents.  We all had a nice time.  We had a great time -- and they did to!  I was surprised since crowds are my dad's own personal hell.  He did well though!

That weekend we had a movie night.  I felt it was absolutely necessary that Aidan watch Home Alone.  I knew he would love it.  Turns out that both kids did.  We do not own the movies.  We rented them off Amazon.  This was probably a good thing since if we had it they would still be watching it on repeat.

Christmas Eve!  I love this picture so much.  They look so sweet in their Christmas outfits.

Aidan got a Ninja Turtle play set from his Aunt Carrie.  He was loving it!  He was taking it very seriously.

Darcy on Christmas Day.  Cutie.

Darcy got giant color sheets and crayons for Christmas.  We had fun coloring together.  

Darcy took this picture of the boys enjoying the new Wii U.

Darcy wanted to pose in her new pajama set.  Such a sweetie pie.  I know I have more pictures of her, but Aidan isn't always a fan of getting his picture taken.

A few days after Christmas, we learned we needed to buy a new furnace.  We went from Sunday night until Tuesday at about noon with no heat.  It was awful, but I just feel very lucky that it didn't happen this week when we are experiencing negative temperatures.  When the new thermostat was installed, that was the temperature in the house.  Brrrr...

Darcy and I snuggling under piles of blankets before the heat was turned back on.

Shortly after the heat came back, we got this.  Not nearly as much as other parts of the country, but still kinda pretty.

So, there ya go!  My holiday break photo dump.

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  1. looks like you had a great holiday. your kids are adorable!



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