Dec 9, 2013

December Goals

I have this sad trend in my life.  I lie to myself.

This past summer I finally got on a healthy routine.  I was eating the best I have ever eaten in my life.  I was exercising.  I was actually losing weight.  Then, summer ended and I went back to work.

Since then, I have gained weight.  Since then, despite my recent efforts, I have not lost a single darned pound.  I have also not updated my progress page.  My weight has been frozen in time since July 18th. Since July 18th, I have gained 4 pounds.  Now, four pounds is not too shabby when you throw in stress eating since August and Thanksgiving.  It is still not where I wanted to be though.  It is almost like I have this mentality where if I tell myself that everything is GREAT, it will be.  Lies, all lies...  Admitting that things have gone backwards would mean that it is true.  If I don't own up to it, everything is a-ok.  Suuuuuure...

So, I am back to 255 pounds.  It makes me sick.  It is a sad thing to admit, but I know that it is a reality. People who know me and people who have seen me know that I am overweight...and thus have a number on the scale to match.  I could SAY that I weight 199, but that would be bullshit and everyone would know it too.

I am no longer going to do weekly weigh ins for my progress page.  I have decided to do monthly goals instead...monthly goals that I will report back on.  My monthly goals may include a weight, a task, or both.  I will sprinkle in some progress pics as I see fit.

I have decided to do this because I think I start to lie to myself when it comes to the number on the scale. I obsess over that number, and it needs to stop!  That number means nothing if I do not take the steps necessary to earn it.  I know it is kind of a late start to December, but I am still going to make some December goals.  I will report back on my results at the start of January.

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