Sep 24, 2013

Wanted: A Plan

Ok, so I have come clean with the fact that I have slipped back into my lazy ways -- much to my dismay.  I am now suffering from the, "I will start anew on Monday" syndrome...even though I know that is complete bullshit.

Why is it bullshit?  Because I have no plan of action.  I can't just start doing everything the right way when I have not equipped myself to do so.  It is kind of like going skydiving without a parachute, you know?  In the same way that a sky diver cannot just take a leap on good faith that they will somehow acquire the ability to fly and not plummet to his or her death, I need a plan.   Sure, I can say that I am gonna do it, but without a plan to do so I am not all of a sudden going to magically be successful.  I am not Superwoman.

Soooo, the plan.  This is tough.  I may need some help with this, dear readers.  I am going to give you the part of my plan that I do have in place.   If any of you all have suggestions for the areas where I am, well, diving without a parachute, please chime in.  I am not to ashamed to admit that I could use some help.


EXERCISE:   I plan to start from scratch with the Couch to 5K program.  It is unrealistic for me to say that I am going to get up at 4:30 AM and run (because Courtney+getting up that early by choice = no freakin' way).    Instead, I am going to take nice evening runs after the kids are in bed.  The sun is going down, the weather is cooler, and it is a nice way to unwind.  The one night I will take off is Thursday because I take Aidan to martial arts on Thursdays.  Other than that, I have zero excuse.   I think I will throw in 30 Day Shred on the weekend for shits and giggles.  ;)

Evening running is nice.  So peaceful.  :)


FOOD:  This part is difficult for me.  Most of the reason has to do with the good 'ol planning factor.  I did the Whole 30 and found that wheat was the culprit behind my bloaty nasty feeling that I have most of the time.  Therefore, I plan to plan a menu that is without wheat and grains.  I only eat grains once per week and that is reserved for the brown rice on my Thursday (post  martial arts lesson) Chipotle burrito bowl.  

I am honestly having trouble with menu plan.  I pack a lunch for work and I think that is the easiest part for me, honestly.  Salads are always a winner and I also enjoy packing bowls of fruit and yogurt.   

Breakfast is kind of boring.  I typically go with a protein shake and fruit.  I am boring here.  I want to avoid wheat and grains and I need something that I can eat on the drive to work.  I also really do not like eggs that much.  Breakfast suggestions anyone for a gal on the run? Who has to drive forever to work...and is in a perpetual rush every morning...

Dinner is hard.  This is only because I feel like I have to make two different meals -- my meal which is without grains and the other meal for my family.  My husband (bless his heart) is picky and will not eat this "healthy junk."  Darcy might.  Aidan defines picky -- but he has sensory issue in relation to food, so I will let him slide.  Soooo, advice request numero dos --- any advice for eating well when your family is super picky? 

I am going to get my Pinterest on and look for some good recipes and develop a menu plan for next week. Of course, I will post it for all of you to see and critique (if need be).  Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Phew!  I know this sounds odd, but just typing this out makes me feel less overwhelmed.  I feel my parachute forming!


  1. Great job! Just writing it down is the first step. I always find that the more public I am with my goals, the more I succeed. I'll definitely be checking in.

    For breakfast, I pretty much rotate through shakes, egg muffins, overnight oats, and oatmeal made in a thermos. I also need to eat my breakfast on the run or wait until I get to the office.

    For dinner, I know this is coming from someone not married and without kids, but you're not a short order chef. If your husband isn't on the healthy wagon, tell him to make his own meal. My Mom did that growing up and after a while, my Dad started eating what we ate. She felt horrible doing it, but they both worked full time and she wasn't going to make 10 meals. Are you a crockpot fan? That might help with getting meals ready and fall is the perfect time for crock pots! I also find that roasting the veggies in the oven with some olive oil, lemon, salt,and garlic works wonders for making them taste better and the pickiest eaters in my life will eat them that way.

    Good luck! You're going to do great!

  2. good luck with your new plan. I haven't done so hot the last week and all my craptastic eating is catching up with me. Today was the day I chose to start over!



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