Sep 29, 2013

Pain in the Ass


Pain in the ass.

I am injured.  I wish I could say it was because I was finally finishing my first ever marathon and I fell on my butt and injured it due to the fact that my feeling of accomplishment was so overwhelming that my legs would no longer carry me.  No.  I hurt myself as I was lifting my sleeping daughter from the car last Saturday night after I had taken her on a trip to urgent care at Cincinnati Children's Hospital after discovering that she had pin worms! (Yes, pin worms....yes, GRODY TO THE MAX...that is another story all together.  Ah, the joys of daycare centers...)  She has since been treated and is fine.  I wish I could say the same for my butt.

Anyway, the pain started very slightly.  So slightly that I still plowed ahead and cleaned the house like a maniac because of the fear that Darcy's butt worms had contaminated the entire house.  Each day last week it got a little worse.  Then, Thursday night it hurt so bad, I was near tears.  By Friday I could barely walk, so I decided it would be a good idea to head to the doctor after work.  Apparently, I injured my piriformis. When people are injured here they often mistake it for sciatica because of the vicinity to your tail bone, hip, and butt cheek.   I was prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication and a muscle relaxer.  

Because of the pain I was in, I did not exercise last week as planned.  I had my a-ha moment at the doctor when I was telling her how I had finally recommitted to exercise and the BAM! hurty butt.  She was very encouraging and told me not to give up and that this was a mere bump in the road.  She also said, "Well, you can still get out there and walk until you feel like you can run again.  Walking is great exercise too."   DUH! I am a moron.  I swear I did not even think of that.  It is like I wanna go balls to the wall and not do something as "easy" as walking.  I am an idiot.  Of course, I could walk!  It is much better than riding the sofa like I have been.  I am sure I would have probably even felt BETTER if I would have done light exercise.  So, until I feel better, I will walk.  Simple as that.

I have also decided that muscle relaxers are scary.  Well, they make me sleepy, for one.  Annnnd, I kinda misread the instructions on the medication bottle (because I was tired, in pain, and stupid) and took two at once the first night.  I literally realized what I had done AFTER I had swallowed that last pill.  Then I read on the warnings how bad it is to take two, etc.  I called Poison Control in a panic.  Because of my weight, I was told that I would survive this stupid error (although, they were much nicer about it).  I got all loopy and drunk-like and decided it would be best for me to go to bed and call it a night.  I woke up Saturday morning still sore, but oh well.  I got up anyway, got packed, got in the car with the family, and went up to New Haven, Indiana to celebrate the birthdays of both Darcy and my niece.  It was fun. I survived.  I am even feeling a little better.

I have a plan ready for the week -- including a new recipe to share.  I will share the plan and recipe tomorrow!

Now, some pictures from the weekend.  (Don't worry.  None of them involve my butt.)

Darcy got a "Punzel" doll that she can play with in the bathtub...courtesy of Grandma Brooks.

Her Better Now Baby -- Her cheeks light up to show she has a fever and Darcy can take care of her with the little doctor kit that comes with it.  Toys are so much cooler than when I was a kid.

Darcy and my lovely niece waiting to blow out the candles.

Happy (early) Birthday to you!

Later on at the park getting her face painted.

This was supposed to be an angel, but it looks more like a butterfly.  Still cute though.

Tim and I went on a kind of date night which included sifting through used vinyl at the local record store.  This one makes me laugh.  Who doesn't love a little Cameo? Word up!

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