Aug 28, 2013


Ok.  I am going to preface this blog entry by saying that I am not writing this in an attempt to be hard on myself and beat myself up.  I am writing this to be honest.

I am writing right now from the comfort of my recliner sofa...

After the kids are in bed, this is all I have energy for...or motivation for.  I am seriously just lacking motivation.  I KNOW what I need to do in order to get myself on the right path again.  I am just not doing it. Food intake this week has been less than desirable.  I have even started slacking on my blog-- something I truly enjoy doing.  I sit on this comfy couch staring at the screen -- unable to think of what to say...mainly because I have a difficult time keeping my eyes open...

OK!  Whining over!!  I have made a commitment to myself to recommit.  I know how amazing I feel when I am living a healthy lifestyle.  I know how being lazy is making me tired.  

Updates on my weight:  Since I began Whole 30, I am down 10 pounds.  I have not lost during the past two weeks, but I have not gained either.  

I am honestly looking at myself and seeing someone who looks slimmer.  I don't like what I see yet, but I am liking it a lot more!

I haven't been TOTALLY lazy.  We totally redid the landscaping in the front yard.  I was very active in this process.  It looks so much better!  I cannot wait to get some pretty mums for fall and put them out front.  It looks really plain now, but we also hope to plant when Spring comes back around.

My plan for the coming days?

Food:  I am not going to buy crap to tempt me.  I am going to eat the whole foods that made me feel good. No more sugar, dang it.  I have totally dropped the ball on that one.  Need to stop eating that crap.

Exercise:  I have made a plan with a few of my co-workers to get a half hour of exercise in as soon as the last bell rings at school.  It will still get me out the door and the way home by 3:30.  Score!  

State of Mind:  I really need to let go of the "I messed up once today, screw the rest of the day!" mentality. It is so illogical and harmful.  

Ok, well, this blog entry has been all over the place.  Congratulations if you made it this far.   It was good for me to write though.  Feeling better to have gotten things off my chest, but also to have laid out a plan for action.  I plan to give day by day updates next week as I try to get myself back on the right track.  Stay tuned!

I now leave you with something totally random -- but funny.  This made me spray coffee out my nostrils when I read it this morning.  I have a bizarre sense of humor, what can I say?



  1. you're looking great! don't be so hard on yourself... you'll get into a routine again!

  2. funny joke!!! LOL

    Woman, grab that Inner Tigress, release her, and have her start kickin butt (yours) again! If I can do it, so can you! :)



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