Aug 25, 2013

My Day

I have been writing a lot lately about how hectic my day can be and how that hectic day does not always mesh well with my desire to live a healthier lifestyle.  I have a confession to make though.  While I have been eating pretty well, I have not done a second of exercise since I started back to work on July 26th...not a darn second.  The most exercise I have gotten is walking up and down the stairs at work (my office is upstairs).  We have an elevator, so I do kind of consider it a victory that I am using the stairs instead.  ANYWAY, even when busy I can manage to still eat well.  I pack my lunch and buy healthy choices for dinners at home during the week.  I want to find the best time to fit in exercise.   Here is a look at my day:

4:50 AM:  Alarm clock goes off.

5:00 - 5:15:  Snooze button is hit a few times and I eventually roll out of bed somewhere in this time frame.

5:15 - Shower

5:30 - I get dressed, style hair, brush teeth, etc,etc.

6:00 - I go downstairs and pack lunches for Tim, Aidan, and myself.  I throw some healthy food (pieces of fresh fruit and a protein shake) in a bag to eat in the car while I am driving to work (breakfast).

6:15 - I wake up the children.  I typically get obnoxious and turn the lights on and sing them a song to get them up and moving...all while getting their clothes out for the day.

6:20 - Dress kids and get them their breakfast

6:30- Leave for work

7:40 - I arrive at work. (I drive an hour and ten minutes...icky poo)

Work Work Work Work Work.   I am not TECHNICALLY a teacher.  I am a counselor, but I work with kids all day AND I spend 9 years in the trenches as a high school teacher.  I am gonna throw this bit in here...cause it is funny and all you educators will appreciate it.

3:45-4:00 -  I leave work.

5:00 -  I pick up Aidan at daycare.

5:15: I arrive home, put my bags down, kick off my shoes, and head straight to the kitchen.  Please note that the first thing Darcy says to me when I walk in the door is not "Hi, Mommy!"  It is, "What are you making for dinner?"

5:20:  Getting dinner started on the stove, put water in the sink for dishes (We don't have a dishwasher.).  I now proceed to do dishes while cooking dinner.

5:45 ish :  Dinner is ready.  We eat as a family.

6:15 ish:  Table is cleared.  I finish washing dishes, clear table, clean the dining room and kitchen.

6:35:  I sit with the kids for a few minutes to talk about their days some more and get in some cuddle time.

6:45:  Bath time for kids.

7:45:  Get kids headed towards bed.

8:00:  Kids are in bed.  Darcy proceeds to get out of bed multiple times claiming she needs little things like multiple tiny sips of water.

Here is the window where I could exercise, but some nights I am just EXHAUSTED and have to really force myself to do it.  Typically, I do it, but some nights it just feels impossible.  If I do exercise, I am usually finished by 9:00.  

Left over time in the evening is spend catching up on TV shows.

10:00: bedtime

And then it starts all over again...

I guess I COULD get up at 4:30 and exercise, but I don't know if I have it in me.  Getting up that early is just awful for me...but I COULD do it.  I just need to push myself.  Otherwise that window between 8:00 and 9:00 is just gonna have to work.  The bottom line is that it has to happen, so I may as well just pick a window, you know?  

There need to be a couple more hours in the day... :)  How do the rest of you busy moms fit in your workouts?  I could definitely use some advice!


  1. Yikes, that is a FULL day! Maybe you could lift weights while you're driving to work or something? ;) Sounds like you could use some help. Like a dish washer!

  2. How about the kids are in bed at 8:30, and have dinner more like 6:15 or 6:30? (Darcy and everyone else can wait.) At least you would be able to get in 30 minutes of exercise.

    Some times, we just have to force the time. Remember YOU are a priority, too. Without a healthy mommy, where would they all be? :)

    1. You are right Gwen. I am going to fit it in. I have no choice.

  3. As a teacher with two little ones at home I completely hear what you re saying. Here s how I'm fitting it in rightnow. I'm walking/running with two coworkers on the school grounds right after school two days a week and then walking/running about an hour on my own once on the weekend. But honestly this is only my second week back so I don't know how well I will stick to this plan. Good luck.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

    1. Good idea, Angela. I have actually been talking to some coworkers about starting a routine right after school during the week. It would be nice to have my workout finished before I even get home!



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