Apr 21, 2014

Photo Dump: Easter Edition

Sometimes it is just fun to share a weekend through pictures...Enjoy!

 My weekend started with Good Friday off.  The kids both had school, so I took advantage of some time alone and did some shopping.  I got some amazing deals at Lane Bryant!  I managed to get $250 dollars worth of shirts and jewelry for $35!! (6 shirts and 2 necklaces) I had several coupons that worked well together and the entire store was also on sale.  I was so excited...although I cannot wait to not have to shop there any more.

Later that night, we went to dinner as a family and decided to get dessert at Orange Leaf.  We had never tried it before.  It was AWESOME!  I think I have a new favorite dessert spot!  Darcy, being adorable as ever, eats her dessert at a snail's pace.  There she is doing her pose!  I swear when I tell her I am taking her picture, she poses like we are doing a magazine photo shoot.

Not gonna lie. I have no picture of Saturday.  I did, however, drive Tim to the local record store for Record Store Day (He collects vinyl.)  I also went grocery shopping.  Wooooo hooooo!

Fast forward to Sunday!  Before we left for our Easter festivities, I tried to take some outdoor pics of the kids.  Darcy wanted to pose cute with her brother...Aidan looks like he is thinking of 6,000 other things he would rather be doing...

He cheered up when I told him that I would let him wear his MineCraft Creeper hat for his solo picture.

Here's Darcy doing another magazine pose!  She is such a ham.

The pics below (fruit and veggie trays) are the items that I contributed to Easter lunch with my family.  Look at all that candy in the background!  I am not gonna lie.  Some of those M&Ms ended up in my belly.  I did not go crazy though...which I am proud of!

Blurry veggie tray! I have to admit...cucumber slices with a little bit of ranch has become one of my favorite snacks!  YUM!  And did you know that celery burns more calories during digestion than there are calories in it?!  Craaaaazy!  I wish that were the case for Reese's.

Easter egg hunt!  My sister, cousin, and I had some fun hiding these suckers!  Some eggs had candy...some had money...waaaaay better than finding hard- boiled eggs, in my opinion.  Maybe it is because I would rather eat a Milkbone than a hard-boiled egg.

And finally, because I am AWESOME, here is a pic of my cousin, Megan, and I wearing some stylish new eye-wear.  I have NO flippin' clue what or who I am looking at in this picture, but I DO know that I look sexy.  Sorry, boys, I am married...  My cousin is single though...just sayin'.  

Also cannot help but notice that my mid-section is slimming down.  Booyah!

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  1. You really had a great weekend! And Darcy is such a cutie who knows how to pose. She could have a future as a print model! =)



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