Apr 22, 2014

Must-Have Items

I was thinking back to items that I would NOT be able to live without whilst "workin' on my fitness."  I hate it when people say that, by the way.  I am trying to be ironic...or something... I also like to work fancy words like "whilst" into everyday sentences....

Ok.  Sorry.  Please don't leave.  I seriously have a point.

I thought it might be fun or useful to share some of the things that have been very useful to me.  Heck, they may already be useful to you OR you may find them useful.

My Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Based on all the Instagram calorie-burn pictures I see (I, myself, am guilty), I imagine that most people have one of these.  I love mine though.  It was my birthday gift a couple years back.  Tim asked me what I wanted and that is what I told him.  It really is an awesome gauge.  I like seeing how much I burn, but it also helps me keep track of whether or not I am working hard enough.

Blender Bottle

Love this thing!  I sometimes take some protein powder to work in order to make an afternoon snack.  This little guy does the trick.  The only thing is that you have to be in a place where it is ok to make some noise. The little wire whisk ball makes quite a bit of noise.  I have had more than one person stop by my office when I am getting my shake on to ask, "What are you DOING in here?"

Old Navy Compression Pants

They are comfy.  They don't shrink in the wash.  They suck me in in all the right places.  They don't ride up. They are my favorite thing to not only wear to the gym, but also a lovely uniform for weekends at home.  What more could you ask for?

Moisture Wicking Socks

No picture, here.  Cause, well, we are talking about socks.  Seen one...seen 'em all!

I did not understand how great these were until I purchased my first package of them on clearance at Meijer. I bought them cause they were on clearance (duh) and because they were purdy colors (double duh).  It wasn't until I got them home that I realized what they did.  They are nice, cute, and are more comfortable during rigorous exercise.

Girl Talk 

I am talking about

(The awesome DJ guy)


(The less awesome board game from my childhood.  Although, I DO wish upon a star that there would be some use for this in my fitness.   Will I win a date with Brad who loves surfing and James Dean? or Homer who loves computer club and collects bugs??  Oh, the suspense!!)

Anyway, music Girl Talk --- The mixes are not for innocent ears.  There is a lot of cursing and other inappropriate material, but as I have said before, so are my runs.  They are just very upbeat, awesome music mash ups that keep me moving and motivated to keep going.  The good news is that his mixes can be downloaded free off his website.  He samples a lot of music from other artists, so he cannot sell his music...silly copyright laws... ;)

My Otterbox Phone Case

Cause nobody drops her phone more than me whilst (see, I did it again!) working out.  I also manage to turn my sleek, light weight iPhone into something as heavy as the car phones in Miami Vice.

Almond Milk

I know this seems like an odd choice, but I would be lost without it.  I use it to make my morning Shakeology and for other meal prep uses.  I typically buy unsweetened vanilla.  It is the bomb diggidy.  I get real upset when I run out of it.   A strange panic sets in.


Cause, yum.  It also makes me feel great.  I can tell when I don't drink it.

Fresh Fruit

It is the only way I get past my sweet cravings.  While it will never replace chocolate in my heart, it will always be a happy substitute.  Mmmmm...fruit dipped in chocolate....

So, yeah, these are my essentials!  What items could you not live without?

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