Feb 9, 2014

Celebrating the Victories

It has been too long since I wrote last.  I have been sick and without topics...unless you wanted winning topics such as:

"Sinus Headaches Suck"
"Oh, God, the Mucus!"   or...
"NyQuil is What Death Tastes Like"

Sooo, in order to spare you, I stayed away.  The good news is that I still ate really well while sick.  I mean, there is no point in eating delicious, "bad" foods when you cannot even taste them.  I mean, seriously, a carrot stick tastes the same as a Reese's cup when you have a bad head cold. The bad news is that I did not work out at all this week.  I don't feel bad about it because I was not well.  I am feeling much better today though and am looking forward to my big return to the gym tomorrow evening.

ANYWAY, since I am linking up for Motivation Monday this week, I thought it only appropriate to come up with some things to motivate me.  I have decided to reward myself when I reach certain weight loss milestones.  These are all THINGS I really really want and am refusing to buy myself until I meet my goals.
Health is always my first motivation, but these extra things can't hurt either.

10 Pounds

 A new beauty product -- like a scented body wash or lotion.  I LOVE the Philosophy scents.

This is by far my favorite scent!  I smell like a delicious when I use it!  Yes, I enjoy smelling like baked goods.  They don't have this scent anymore, but they DO have a birthday cake scent, that I think will be a welcome substitute!

20 Pounds

New headphones that are better for working out. My earbuds are constantly falling out!

I have heard really good things about Yurbuds earbuds.  They are made especially for exercise.  The price is right and they come in purple.  Score!

30 Pounds

A professional massage! (My gym has a spa inside.  Members get discounts on all spa
services. Sweet!)  Never in my 34 years have I had a professional massage.  I am hoping this year is the year!

40 Pounds

Manicure and Pedicure -- I get these very rarely...cause I am cheap.  I think 40 pounds deserves a splurge though, don't you?

50 Pounds

New clothes!  Hell yeah!  I cannot wait to go shopping with a smaller body.  

I think all of these things sound reasonable!  I know that all of my victories will not be measured on a scale.  I will celebrate those too...trust me!  It is just that trying to lose weight has always been such a frustrating journey for me.  I am trying to put a positive spin on things.  So, I choose to celebrate the victories (no matter what they may be) and learn from the setbacks.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Daily Dose of Del Signore

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  1. I've never done "rewards" ... maybe because I (or hubby) tend to just get what I what when I want regardless of if I deserve it :) Well, hubby does give me a foot rub if I hit 30K steps in a day. They are worth it. I DO have such a hard time with any earbuds, they do not like to stay in the ear. If you try those out you'll need to give a review. Hubby did spring for a couples massage a time or two. I liked it, but I'm not super comfortable with anyone touching my body (other than hubby on the toes, he can give me a foot rub all day long!). So same with mani and pedi. I did have artificial nails for quite a while, but just decided to give them up to save on the time/$$ cost of the upkeep. I do like a pedicure every once in a while - I need one, my heels are so hard and cracked, but sometimes the callouses are there for protection and I feel a little off after. Good luck on your goals and getting your rewards!



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