Nov 20, 2013

Where I've Been...

I have been a sorry excuse for a blogger lately.... As in, I have not all.

The reason?  There has been a lot of stuff going on lately.  It has been stressful.  It has been emotional.  It has been worrisome.  I really do not want to discuss these things yet, but rest be assured, I am just fine.  I just have a bad habit of shutting down when I get extremely stressed.  I was unable to think of anything to say on here...mainly because my mind was all consumed with other issues that I did not feel like discussing.

Things are better.  I am fine.  I am pushing forward.

One of the ways that I have chosen to help with stress relief is that I joined a gym!  I was a member several years back and stopped going.  The sad part is that I actually enjoyed it, but got lazy.  I have tried to get my activity in at home and it is just too hard.  I get too distracted.  I will just get into the groove of my Jillian video and will hear one or more of the following...

"Mommy! Darcy is coloring on the wall!"
"Mommy! I need to go potty!"
"Mommy!  I need a drink of water!"
"Mommy! I am scared of the fan!"
"Mommy! My blanket isn't covering my feet!"
"Mommy! I need a tissue!"
"Mommy! I wet the bed again!"

              And just when I think that my head is going to explode...she throws in the

"Mommy! I want a hug and a kiss!" (This one always makes me feel like an ass, because I walk in all pissed off and annoyed and then feel like a jerk...cause she is just asking for a hug and a kiss.  Kid is smart...)

And then, when I put my foot down and tell her no more drinks of water will be handed out this evening, I get this:

Four year old tantrums are so fun.

So, workouts had actually become stressful instead of a source to actually relieve stress.  Therefore, workouts ceased to exist in my world.  This was not acceptable.

I went in for my consultation and the nice woman took me on a tour.  I actually felt like I wanted to cry. There was so much to do and the facility is really beautiful.  The price was right.  SIGN MY FAT REAR UP!

So, I have been going regularly for the past few weeks.  I am restricted myself to the cardio machines so far because the weight machines scare me -- only because I am not sure how to use them.  I have a free appointment with a trainer soon.  I am hoping that will be the day that I can learn how to best use the weight equipment.  I also plan to use the pool soon and take advantage of spinning classes.

My first barrier when I got there was this:

It, uh, took me way too long to figure out how to use these lockers.  Did I just ask someone?  No, I had to act like I knew what I was doing.  People who know what they are doing definitely stare at the key pad with a confused look and are unsuccessful at locking the locker multiple times.  I have a flippin Master's Degree and it took me forever to figure this out.  Obviously, my Master's Degree is not in keypad locker locks. Maybe I could earn that degree online...

I have been burning lots of calories and doing really well, overall.  I love it and it has done wonders for relieving the aforementioned stress.  I feel so relaxed when it is over and I have been sleeping like a baby. One of the best decisions I have made in awhile.  

And finally, the obligatory heart rate monitor/calorie burn pic...

I promise I will never ever do a gym selfie.  Ever.  I just cannot bring myself to do it.

So, here's to a less stressed me!  :)

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  1. Good for you for joining a gym! My gym has those lockers too and people ask me all the time how to do it. I don't know why they ask me and not someone else. Probably because I'm not standing there naked in a towel like everyone else seems to be doing. Personally I don't care for weight machines. I prefer free weights but I know those are sometimes more intimidating to people. I post my fitness plans every week with links to workouts I'll be doing so check them out for ideas! I get a lot of my workouts from The Fitnessista. Congratulations!



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