Oct 18, 2013

5 For Friday

Today, I am linking up with some lovely ladies for 5 for Friday.  Today is a special Friday because I have the day off and am on my own for the day.  Soooo, let's get started...


I got my hair done today!  As usual, my stylist, Cassie did a fantastic job.  I got my color done and opted out of a haircut.  I have had my hair cut fairly recently and I have not decided what I want to do with it yet.  Part of me wants to grow it out so that pony tails can once again be a reality, but the other part of me wants to chop it off.  She did something different with the style today and taught me how to curl my hair with a flat iron.  I didn't think you could do that with short hair, but it turned out so cute.  She gave me a great tutorial, so I am looking forward to grabbing a flat iron this weekend and trying it out for myself!


Since I was home alone today, I took advantage and did some cleaning.  Things are not dirty around the house, but they were messy.  There were toys and other nonsense everywhere, so I picked up and also took the time to do some fall decorating.  I even put our scarecrow out front with some mums.  Very pretty.  My favorite is always the mantle though.  I love having such a pretty fireplace.  

- Three - 

Today was silly hair day at Darcy's preschool.  She was NOT happy about having silly hair -- because she is a diva and must look FABULOUS at all times.  I coaxed her into letting me do it and she ended up loving it.  HA! 


I recently began reading Inferno by Dan Brown.  So far, it is a really good book.  One reason I like his books is because they are suspenseful, but I also learn some cool stuff.  Today, I learned that a childhood song we all sing is actually about people dying of the plague and trying to cover up the smell of their rotting flesh.  Fun!  It kind of ruined that whole childhood memory for me, but it was still darn interesting!


Tomorrow Tim and I celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss.  Some part of me does not believe it has been that long, while another part of me has a hard time picturing him not being in my life.  We don't have anything fancy planned -- just a day at home together with the kids.  Although, I do think we will make an appearance at Kings Island tomorrow -- gotta get one more trip in before the season ends.  Anyway, I am going to use the opportunity to wish my loving husband a happy anniversary.  I love you, and I pray for many more. :)


  1. stopping by from the linkup! hello! :) your fall garland is so lovely!! and happy early wedding anny! cheers to 11 years!!!


  2. Your hair cut looks great! I've been growing mine out for four years, and I'm ready to cut it. I think... Happy be to your newest follower!




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