Jul 23, 2013

Goin' Primal

I am trying to think back to why I decided to blog, and the biggest reason was to journal what is going on in my life -- especially with my efforts to get healthier.  It also kind of held me more accountable, because I had readers watching me as I try and fail at my efforts.  I started with no followers, and have worked my way up...but I put just as much heart into what I write now as I did in the very beginning.  

What I didn't realize when I entered the blogging scene, is how many great people I would "meet."  I did not realize the great advice and resources that people had to offer.  Those resources are what have brought me to this blog post today.  

I posted last week about my frustration when it came to my lack of weight loss on the Advocare Cleanse.  I was so encouraged by the kind words and advice that some of my reader friends offered me.   One piece of advice was offered by Gwen, at Sky N Surf.  She suggested primal eating/getting rid of grains in my diet. (If you have not visited her blog, do it.  She offers a wealth of information on primal eating and how it has impacted her life.)  I took the advice seriously, but was seriously doubting whether or not I could live without grains in my life.  Grains are a pretty consistent part of my diet.  Despite my doubts, she sparked my interest, so I decided to look into it further.  

I decided to consult the experts and came across some information about Whole30.  I was hooked after reading the first paragraph.  It started out asking questions about certain symptoms that you experience in your daily life.   They listed the following:

  • inconsistent or non-existent energy levels
  • unexplained aches and pains
  • irregular periods
  • ovarian cysts
  • inability to lose weight no matter how hard you try
  • skin issues (eczema)
  • seasonal allergies
  • fertility issues

HOLY CRAP!  Did they write that checklist ABOUT ME?  ALL of those symptoms (with the exception of fertility issues) describe me and all I have been battling with for the past several years.  Certain foods (even the supposed healthy ones) can cause inflammation in our bodies while slowing our metabolism.  

So, what is Whole 30? Well, basically it is a 30 day program where you eliminate dairy, grains, and sugar from your diet completely in order to rid your body of the inflammation that is causing the problems.  This is going to be rough.  I am on my second day, but feel like I am starving.  It is worth it to me to get to the bottom of my health concerns.  Could food have been causing it all of this time?     The Whole30 eating plan is basically Paleo.  I do believe though that when this is over, I will do primal eating -- which includes dairy.  I really do not want to get rid of dairy -- unless it is the culprit behind my health issues.  

In order to be better informed, I ordered the book It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig -- the two behind Whole30.  It arrives in the mail today and I cannot wait to begin reading.

There are also free resources on the official website.  It includes a shopping list and basic meal planning template.

Even though I only just finished my first day of this, I never realized how much I was putting into my mouth without even realizing it.  I was making a sandwich for Darcy today and got peanut butter and jelly on my finger and nearly licked it off.  I almost ate a few Cheetos.  The list goes on. The sad part is that I wasn't thinking that I wanted a Cheeto.  It was like I was on autopilot.  They were there, so naturally they belong in my belly.  Luckily, I caught myself before I had orange stained Cheeto fingers.  

Also while on my grocery trip from hell Sunday, I learned how many items have sugar in them...items you would never think required sugar...even canned tomatoes, for Pete's sake. I knew buying salad dressing without sugar would be damn near impossible, so I am going to make my own at home with oil and vinegar.  

Here was my food for yesterday:

Breakfast:  Eggs with onions and green peppers and a side of berries.  It was SO HARD eating eggs without a side of toast.  I also would have slapped some cheese on the eggs too.  So, it was...different.  I have just never been a fan of eggs, but I need the protein. Not bad though.  

Lunch:  Spinach salad with grilled pork loin, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, cashews, and homemade dressing (red wine vinegar, olive oil, and dijon mustard).  Disregard the Cheeto bag in the background -- those are Darcy's.  Sure some of those crumbled up on my salad would have been awesome though.  ;)

Dinner: Not pictured cause I forgot...oops!  Monday night is Taco Night, so I went with a taco salad sans any kind of chips or dairy.  Basically, taco meat and lots of veggies.  It was not great, honestly.  I am going to have to think of a yummier, more satisfying alternative on taco night.

Snacks:  Cashews, Cashew butter with celery, and watermelon. Cashews are gonna be my friend, I think. Doesn't taste the way you want?  Throw some cashews in there!  Bam!

I will be sure to continue to post how things are going as I move through these 30 days.  On top of this I am also participating in the Operation Skinny Jeans fit camp.  More on that later!


  1. I'm so proud of you, Courtney! You got this! But be careful of nuts/cashews. A little packs a BIG calorie punch! One ounce is 160 calories. (I know, because cashews are part of my breakfast 6 days a week, and one or two are a go-to snack for me.) Get a kitchen scale to weigh them. I don't want their high calorie count to sabotage you. The hunger will disapate quickly. I bet a lot of it is actually mental hunger, as the cravings fight to stay (cravings for sugars and grains.) They will be gone by day 4. :)

    GOOD GIRL! You are going to start feeling amazing in a few days and wonder at it all! :D

  2. (and thanks for the kind words and shout-out/link!)

  3. I really hope this works for you! It sounds so extreme :/ I have my fingers crossed that you can figure out what is going on with your body and get to a point where you can live happy and healthy!
    I am proud for you and your lifestyle choices! Remember that you can get to where you want! Please let me know how this goes :)



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