Jul 24, 2013


Body image is such a strange thing.  It is crazy how we view ourselves so differently than others do.  As many wise people have said many times before, we are our own worst critic.

I have always beat myself over my appearance.  Phrases like, "But you have such a pretty face," were not comforting.   So, recently, I came across a blog entry at V Watt's Thoughts that I found incredibly interesting. It was a little survey through the website of a British clothing store called Marisota.  It gives you a row of women with different figures and asks you to choose which one most closely resembles you.  You then put in your measurements, and it tells you whether or not your body choice was accurate.  Well, mine wasn't...

Here were my results:

I am still having a hard time believing this.  I didn't have to measure belly or arm fat, so I guess add some of that on to the model above.  I encourage you to try this out.  It was kinda fun, actually...and you may be surprised too. I have always thought I was bigger than I am.  No matter how much weight I lose, I go for the bigger size.  I like to go shopping with my friend, Sharon, for this reason, because she always tells me, "Are you serious? Try on the smaller size, Court!"  You know what? She is right 90% of the time.

This all kind of reminds me of the only time I was told I did not weigh enough...not sure why, but I am going to tell the story anyway...

I was pregnant with Darcy and I went in for one of my monthly doctor visits.  The doctor and I had a conversation that sounded like this...
Doctor V:  "Everything looks good with the baby, but there is one issue."
Me:  "What?"
Doctor V:  "You aren't gaining enough weight.  You need to eat more."
Me: "Come again?"
Doctor V: "You need to eat more food, Courtney.  You haven't gained enough for this stage in your pregnancy."
Me:  "Oh, no, I HEARD you.  I just wanted you to say it again.  I am pretty sure that is the ONLY time anyone has ever or will ever say that to me in my life.
Pretty sure I went home that night and insisted that Tim take me to Graeter's for a double scoop of black raspberry chip ice cream.  Ahh, memories...

But, I digress...

I've just gotta say...We need to try and stop being so hard on ourselves.  You are who you are. Changes will come if you do the work to make the changes a reality.  No one can force us to like ourselves, and honestly there are always going to be things about ourselves that we don't like, but we have to stop being so harsh.  I need to work on this too.  My body may be flabby right now, but it is strong.  I feel more like an athlete than I ever have in my life -- even if I don't look like one yet (as in to the unknowing eye, I don't look the part yet).  I am one, because I FEEL like one.  I am proud of that.

Take the quiz and let me know your results!

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  1. I did the quiz, and my results were that I'm 10% smaller than I think I am. And I have an "hourglass" figure (somewhere under there!).



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