Jun 27, 2013

They Say it's Your Birthday!!

It's my birthday too, yeah!!

One of my favorite things Tim does on birthdays:  He comes downstairs, pulls out The Beatles (The White Album) on vinyl (of course) and blares "Birthday."  It is a fun way to wake up, and since Tim is so passionate about his vinyl collection, this is his version of a greeting card.  Fun stuff...

This was his morning Facebook message to me:
You would have to know Tim, to know that this is funny, I guess.  He has a very dry, interesting sense of humor.  

So, yes, it is my birthday...my 34th.

I wish I could say that I was doing something crazy-exciting, but I am not.  That's ok though.  I am spending it with my family and am going to enjoy their company.  I am sure I will be treated to dinner out, and I am looking forward to that!  Birthday dinners always taste better, right?

Actually, the best gift that I have gotten so far, is that it is 7:30 and Darcy is still sleeping.  This never happens.  It is going to be a good day.

There I am, 33 years ago. Cute, huh?  Looking at this reminds me how much my own daughter looks like me...

ANYWAY, there are a few promises that I am making for myself during this 34th year.  I am determined to make this year a turning point.

  1. This will be last birthday where I will be this size.  I am not going to say that I will be a certain weight, because it is impossible to predict what I can lose exactly.  When I get to go shopping with the gift cards that I get from friends and family, I want to be able to buy my clothes in a normal store.  I would be thrilled to purchase any article of clothing in the Misses section -- other than socks.
  2. I want to have run more than one 5K by this time next year.  I am training right now and it is rough.  I want to feel all bad ass by running 3 miles with ease.  Let's define ease,shall we?  Ease = not cursing the whole way and not feeling like I am gargling my heart.  Would also be nice to look hot in my running gear...you know, as hot as tank tops and yoga capris can look. May still curse the whole way -- just cause it's fun to scare the neighbors.  
  3. I am gonna buy purdier clothes.  Tired of da frump.  Just cause I am fat, doesn't mean I don't deserve to look cute.
  4. I am going to try and reward myself for meeting milestones with my weight loss.  These rewards cannot be food.  Chocolate does not equal happiness....
  5. I want to actually believe the last part of #4.
  6. I am going to be a little more selfish and learn to take care of myself.  Never putting myself first is part of the problem.  
  7. I want to have shared a lot of breakthrough, positive moments with all of you.
And now...

A friend of mine has already sent me a couple of these. I nearly shot coffee out my nose with the first one. Second one is funny 'cause it's true.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Ahh!! My dad does the same with the Beatles song on my birthday!!! I thought I was the only one...are we sisters?!

    Happy Birthday! I love the to-do list for your 34th year.

    And I love both of those ecards! So true!

  2. Isn't a great way to start the day?

  3. Happy Birthday! Darcy knew that mommy needed some extra sleep in time since it was her big day! Hope you have a great one!

    1. Thank you! It has been a great day!

  4. Happy birthday girl! Keep up the great work and you will see the results you want!

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com



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