Jun 25, 2013

My Vacation Link-Up + Other Random tidbits...

First of all, after reading Holly's blog today, I was reminded that Google Reader will be no more very soon.  If you are following my blog via Google Reader right now, you can also do so through Bloglovin' in order to keep up with me.  If you visit Holly's blog, she has a link to give instructions on how to make the transition to Bloglovin' for following your favorite blogs.


Runnin' Music!  If you need a great music mix to run or exercise to, look no further.  Download "All Day" by Girl Talk.  It is a mix of songs that just make you want to dance or run...or both..whatever.  Just a warning though:  It is riddled with profanity (but so are my runs), so it is definitely not something you want to play with the kids present.  The awesome part is that you can download it for free here.  Don't worry.  It is legal.  Girl Talk albums are mash ups of other artists' songs, so he cannot legally make a profit from it.  Therefore, he just does them and allows the mash ups to be downloaded off his website -- and the artists are ok with that because he is not making profit off their music.


And now, the link up!


My favorite vacation was our trip to North Myrtle Beach last summer.  I loved it because we went with a group of family on Tim's side.  We all rented a condo and just had an all around great time.  I am pretty sure it was also my favorite because it is the first vacation we have taken together since Darcy was born.  The kids loved the beach and still talk about it to this day.  We couldn't swing a big vacation this summer, but we are hoping to go again next summer.  

Beach view from our condo.

Darcy on the balcony...looking sweet. 

Bathing beauty.  Her favorite part of the beach was collecting shells and building sand castles.  She was afraid of getting in the ocean.

We broke away from the group to take Aidan to play miniature golf.  He "won." (Highest score wins in golf, right? haha)

Aidan at the little Lego shop/workshop.  He had fun in here and was psyched about the complimentary pirate hat.

The SkyWheel was awesome!  We took a ride during the day because the line is 2 miles long in the evening.

Aidan taking in the view from the SkyWheel.

Darcy and I enjoying the view.

View from the SkyWheel.

Family photo op.  Cannot ever get both kids to smile. 

The only mistake of the vacation was going to Planet Hollywood for dinner.  Planet Hollywood is laaaaaaaame.  Tim and I had a good time poking fun at the pop culture references that were cool if we were there in 1994 though.

One of my favorite pics from the whole trip.  We were grocery shopping for the condo after our first full day there.  I think someone was a little worn out.  :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time there. I've never been to Myrtle Beach, but would love to go someday. :-) That last picture is priceless! Thanks so much for linking up with Holly and I today.

  2. The last picture is by far my favorite! Adorable.

  3. A few people have said Myrtle Beach... looks and sounds divine! :)

  4. I will definitely be trying out the music! My trail runs are completely filled with profanity! That's how I know I'm doing it right!

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com

    I hate captcha :( It took me like 6 tries to post lol



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