Jun 17, 2013

My Random Weekend Re-cap

I had a lot going on this weekend.  I actually had plans from Friday night on, which never happens!  EVER! So, there is a lot to recap albeit random "adventures."  Don't get too excited though.  My definition of an adventure is pretty loose these days.

On Friday night, I went out on the town in downtown Cincinnati, with my aunt (who was in town for work).  I never get to go downtown, so this was a treat.  We ate at Nada -- a sort of trendy Mexican restaurant and walked around Fountain Square.  There was live music and everyone was dressed up, out and about. I had a great time!

I was trying to plan ahead for my meal, so I made smart decisions.  Of course, I ventured to the "drinks" menu, because I am going out without kids.  I am havin a drank!  Anyway, I go to click on the drink section of the menu, and this little My Fitness Pal window kept popping up.  WTH??!!  Was this an omen? Does my fitness pal know when I am clicking on naughty parts of the food internet?  

I chose a very sensible meal that also happened to be delicious!  It was roasted chicken with a chili rub.  It was served with roasted vegetables and a habenero salsa.  The salsa also had a sweetness to it.  I could not tell what kind of fruit was in there, but it was so good!

I did also have a couple sangrias.  They were FANTASTIC.  Hey, there was fruit juice and floating fruit pieces in there! TOTALLY healthy!  They were a treat and worth the calories.  I barely ever drink and I had it in my calorie budget after all the exercise I had done that day.  Also, the My Fitness Pal spies did not come and cart me away in some unmarked van because I ordered this...

Saturday, I went to visit family for our Father's Day barbecue.  I saw a lot of people that I don't get to see often enough, so it was great.  My mother gave me the task of bringing a food that people could snack on before dinner was served.  Instead of bringing some kind of sour cream/cream cheese concoction, I opted to  make my own fruit tray -- which I was proud of.  I thought It looked so pretty, I decided to take a picture.  Little did I know that the crass Father's Day card that my sister bought my dad (featuring a near-bare hairy man ass) was strategically placed in the background.

Hey, this is how my family rolls.  Usually a prerequisite for a card for my dad has to involve some kind of fart joke.  I couldn't find any good Father's Day cards featuring flatulence, but I did find a good one featuring a chimp wearing a suit and tie.  I was actually pissed that my sister found the hairy man ass card and I didn't.  Keepin' it classy, as always! God, I love my family...

This is actually just a picture that someone else took of me at the party and it was actually a picture of myself that didn't make me want to to toss my cookies.  So, I thought I would throw that in there.  

Sunday we went to Kings Island with Tim's mom and dad.  We have season passes and were able to hook them up with $10 tickets for Father's Day.  We had a really nice time, but I was exhausted when it was said and done.  I love going to Kings Island, but it drains every last ounce of my energy.  Maybe it is waiting in line for 30 minutes to ride a 30 second ride.  Maybe it is the hillbillies abusing their children in public, barefoot kids on leashes, or the classy folk wearing tiny clothes on their not so tiny bodies.  Whatever it is, it wears me the heck out.  

We went to the dinosaur exhibit this time. Most of the dinosaurs are animatronic.  This one was awesome and supposedly true to size.  That little speck by its leg is Aidan.

I really wanted a picture of the kids with their grandparents, but we made the mistake of taking this at the end when the kids were in foul moods.  Aidan is ticked because we told him we would not take him to the pizza place of his choice for lunch, and Darcy is just being an over-tired 3 year old.  Oh well.  We tried...

Tim and I.  Right before his mom took the picture, I told him to pretend that he loves me and this was the best he could do.  Fail!  hahaha

So, as you can see I had an eventful weekend!  Since it is Monday, I am going to go ahead and throw in...

  1. This week I was very active.  Not only did I get outside and do my Couch to 5K program multiple days this week, but I kept active with the kids.  I don't think I was lazy one single day.
  2. I ate very well.  I kept close tabs on my food and was very much in control of my intake and I had incredible control over my cravings.  I was very pleased.
  3. I maintained a positive attitude and am committed to keeping it up this week
  4. This really isn't something I did right, but something I should mention.  I did not weigh in this morning, just cause I forgot.  I like to weigh in at the same time of day in order to be consistent, so I will weigh in tomorrow morning and see how I did!

That's it for now!  Until next time...


  1. Good job with making such good choices. I definitely always have a drank when I do not have the kids with me!

  2. Dude, My Fitness Pal is stalking you! That chicken looks awesome. Great job on so many NSV this week!

  3. I know! It is a little scary. I am going to go to the McDonalds website and click on the Big Mac...see if my laptop explodes...



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