Jun 9, 2013

First weekend of summer...

Well, I am FINALLY on summer break and am thrilled to have the extra time to spend with Aidan and Darcy.  My goal is to keep us all active and doing more than parking our butts in the living room.  I am trying to get myself organized and actually plan activities...

Yesterday was a lazy day.  I am not going to lie about that one.  I was exhausted after a kind of bizarre week -- I will give details on that madness on my Monday post.   Saturday was honestly kind of a headache.   The kids, well Darcy, was more than a handful, we had to wait over an hour at the vet to get Josie her shots, and I just felt sluggish.

Anyway...some highlights.

I am addicted to this stupid game and have spent a week or more on level 23.  It seemed damn near impossible to beat.  I kept getting that "You did not clear all jelly" message.  Story of my life --- whether the jelly is attached to my ass or in Sugar Crush.  <Sigh..>

I am proud to report, however, that mere minutes ago, I beat the damn thing!  YES!!  Take that, stupid creature like thing that I cannot seem to identify who is so obviously happy for me and my victory.  No, but seriously, what is that little thing?  (I am referring to the little mascot like thing under my score...)

Ok, moving on...

I did some cooking today, so that I have healthy options during the week.  I have been worried now that I am home and food is much more accessible.  Just hoping to make smart decisions in that area.  I made a beef pot roast with veggies (inspired by Jenn @ Fat Chick to Fit Chick) and some banana blueberry muffins (from the Master Your Metabolism cookbook).

Just layered a bunch of veggies and the beef roast in the crockpot.  I plan to portion it out and eat it throughout the week.  It is still cooking, so all I have is the before picture.  Lots of color...looks yummy to me!

One of my favorite recipes since trying to cook healthier is the recipe for banana blueberry muffins.  I will post the recipe for those on another post.  They are super tasty!

And to sum up my weekend, I leave you with this picture of Darcy.  Darcy, my lovely daughter who is going to be the reason that I get grey hair way too early.  The reason that I will likely have a nervous twitch.  The daughter who strips her clothes off and runs through the house yelling, "I LOVE BEING NAKED!!"  <sigh>  She and Aidan are my pride and joy...but she is much more work.

Darcy while we were waiting on our dinner last night.  Compare this to Aidan while he was waiting...

Look at him!  He is sitting so nicely and filling out how many states he knows on his little kid menu.  These kids are truly night and day.  But, you know, I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Yay it's officially summer in yours and rainy in ours here in the Philippines. I am your new follower via GFC coming from Bloggy Moms. I like how your kids are different in each of their ways.

    You can check out mine here http://www.ruralmomkristine.com

    Hope to see you around.


    Kristine @ A Changed Life

  2. I like it too! They keep me busy, but I like busy!



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