May 5, 2013

Planning Ahead

I had a really good week!  I ate well, exercised and maintained a healthy state of mind and had plenty of motivation.  I did not lose any weight though.  This is because my monthly visitor has become a bimonthly visitor lately...much to my chagrin.  Soooo, as a result, I am bloated and without weight loss.  I am trying to to let that get me down though because I know I rocked the plan this past week.

In order to keep the positive direction, well, positive, I decided to plan ahead again this week and prepare food for healthy packed lunches.  I decided to do grilled teriyaki chicken with veggie kabobs.

Earlier in the day, I marinated some boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders in teriyaki sauce.  I did not know then that there is high fructose corn syrup in that stuff.  Unfortunately, the chicken was already marinated and ready to go when I figured that out.  Soooo, next time I do this, I will make my own, HFCS free marinade.    Then, I chopped up some veggies for my kabobs.  The veggies I chose were inspired by my old favorite dish that no longer serve at Outback Steakhouse -- the chicken and veggie griller.  I was so sad when they got rid of that, but I digress...

I sliced up zucchini, red onion, red bell pepper, baby portobello mushrooms and pineapple chunks (not pictured).   I did not have any fresh pineapple, so I used canned pineapple chunks -- the kind in juice.

Time to grill!  I usually grill on the non-stick aluminum foil.  It is easier to clean up, and I don't run the risk of the veggies falling in the fire.

All finished! Yummy!  I plan to pack these with a couple tenders, one skewer of veggies and brown rice.  I kept the veggies pretty crisp, because I do not want them to get mushy when reheated.

Packed up and ready for my lunch box!  

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