May 19, 2013

A Week in Review...

This week has been crazy -- to say the least!   RECAP!!

I had a GREAT Mother's Day!  We decided that since we are not going on a vacation this summer, that we would buy King's Island Gold Passes for the family.  I am happy with that decision because now we have zero excuse to say we are bored with nothing to do.  We went on Mother's Day and although it was a little chilly, we had a lot of fun!  I really enjoy taking the kids to do stuff like this, because I feel like we are creating fun memories for them.  I want them to look back and remember the awesome, fun things that we did as a family.  Here are a copious amount of King's Island pics (mostly starring Darcy because she and I were off by ourselves for awhile while Tim and Aidan were riding bigger kid rides...)

Me and the kids  in front of the fountains! I wanted a nice picture of me with the kids for Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time (Thanks,Darce) This picture makes me realize that I need to do something with my hair.  

At Planet Snoopy, all the Peanuts characters were running around for photo ops.  Saw everyone but Charlie Brown. He didn't seem to be anywhere.  Boo, Charlie Brown, Boo.

The kids had fun on the rides also.  My kids seems don't seem to be afraid of much ride-wise.  Tim and I on the other hand... We are getting old and afraid!
These were the Red Baron airplanes.  The kids loved this one.  It seemed to be Darcy's favorite!  She was laughing and squealing.  So cute!

The only picture of could get of my hubs.  He does not allow photographs, so I had to be sneaky.  

Riding rides and quality time spent with my family was awesome.  The only not awesome part was the crappy $46 amusement park lunch we purchased.  (Why, God, why??)  Why we did not leave the park for something tastier and cheaper, I will never know.  I mean, we have passes, we can leave and come back in whenever we want, because we are important.  ;)  So, yeah, all of that was fun, BUT the very best part of the whole Mother's Day weekend was...

Be still my heart.  This is the very best gift that I could have ever gotten.  My little guy is just the sweetest.

Moving on from the weekend...

This week was graduation week for my Senior students.  It has been a lot of work getting them here.  I don't know if I have mentioned it, but I am a school counselor in an urban school district.  It is hard, but I love it.  This week was hectic and emotional.    

On Wednesday, I went to the salon for some much needed "me time" and a change with my hair.   This is what my stylist came up with.  It is short, but done so well!
Sorry about the stupid look on my face, but I hate taking pictures of myself.  It just feels so odd and forced.  About the only time I do it is when I get new hair and text it to a friend for their opinion -- like I can go back in time and change my mind or something...

Fast forward to graduation day...yesterday.  It was awesome, but I am exhausted!  I essentially had a 6 day work week.  Back at it tomorrow, but counting down the days until summer!

The last awesome part of my week was this:

I got this as my Mother's Day gift.  it was a week late, but worth it!  My in-laws came for a visit and brought it with them.  Tim got a great deal on it because his mom gets an employee discount at the store where it was purchased.  When it was all said and done, I got a fancy model of a Keurig for about $100.  Coolness!  I have great in-laws and we always have nice visits.  Don't be fooled because I have a picture of a coffee maker up instead of them.  :)

Well, that has been my week!!  I have been out of the better lifestyle routine, but really did well.  I ate well and although I did not to formal exercise.  I got in a lot of activity points in just because of all the running around I have been doing.  Now, I am off to plan my week in food before going to the store!  I need ideas for packing lunches....blah...

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