Apr 11, 2014

No Excuses Check-In Challenge

This weekend, I ventured into the realm that is hosting a Facebook group.  The hardest part about changing your lifestyle for good is the accountability factor.  Then there is also the annoying voice in your head that tells you to skip workouts.  I don't know about you, but I have actual arguments in my head.  I swear the devil Courtney and angel Courtney actual appear over my shoulders.

I had to show off my MAD Paint skillz!  Try not to be jealous...

The inner dialogue goes a little something like this...

It has been such a long day.  I just want to curl up on the couch tonight and watch TV.

No, Courtney, you will feel so much better if you go work out.

No, No, NO!  You will feel much better if you pass out into a drooling mess on the couch.  You will feel so energized!  Nothing is more fulfilling than falling asleep on the couch at 8:00 and then waking up a couple hours later only to walk up the stairs to go to bed.  So productive! Besides, you ARE walking up stairs! Yay, activity!

Seriously, dumbass?

Bite me.  Mmmm...bite....does someone have food? 

On a good day (and most days lately), I have not been letting Lazy Courtney win.  Sometimes she does though, and I am willing to bet that sometimes your Lazy side wins too.  It happens even to the most committed of us.  The trick is not to let Lazy Courtney go on a winning streak.

For me, the tool to not letting Lazy Courtney win is accountability.  If can communicate with people who share my goals, it is very motivating.  We cheer one another on during victories and losses.  It is great! If you are interested, I would like to formally invite you toooooo...

Join!  Share your secrets!  Your successes!  Get support on your bad days.  Check in with us everyday to let us know what you have done to make that step in the right direction.  You may just make some friends along the way too. Awesome, right?  Once we have enough people in the group, I will close it to a private group, so you can feel comfortable posting pictures, etc.  I hope you will consider it.  I even plan to do some fun giveaways.  

Hope to see you there!

Daily Dose of Del Signore

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