Apr 5, 2014

MIA and my 21 Day Fix

I have been missing in action lately.  I am sorry.  I have had writer's block and have really just taken a break to figure out what my next step is as far as getting myself together health wise.  It is just hard to get on here and know what to write about when I, myself, am not sure what the hell I am doing.

I have a better grasp on things now though.  I have this wonderful person to thank.  I have mentioned Jess in previous blog entries in reference to how much I love her blog.  She has, however, become a wonderful coach for me as I try to meander my way through this thing called weight loss.  I can safely say that I now consider her a friend in this journey.

After being turned down by my insurance company when inquiring about visiting the dietetics department at a local hospital for a consultation, I was really discouraged.  I NEEDED HELP.  I know that you are supposed to eat healthy, blah, blah, blah, but I needed actual parameters.  I have learned a couple things about myself when it comes to diet plans over the past several months...

  1. I HAVE TO EXERCISE and do so rigorously or I lose momentum FAST.
  2. I cannot participate in a diet which totally eliminates a food group.  Knowing that I cannot have the food makes me feel deprived and then I get pissed and throw in the towel.  It is all mental, I know.  I could have a diet that says I am prohibited from eating fish eyes and I would then crave them.  Well, maybe not...but you see my point.   
  3. I need something that is easy to understand, cause complicated also is a sure way to make me give up in two days.
After learning that a dietitian would not be in my future, I learned of this:

The eating plan is simple.  You have a series of colored containers and a different food group corresponds with each color.  You get a certain amount of containers per day and as long as the food fits in the container, you can eat it.  The food plan guide outlines preferred foods for best results and recipes.  I am loving this plan so far!  Jess happens to be a Team Beachbody Coach, so she has been a great guide as I have figured out this plan. 

The workouts are GREAT!  They are only 30 minutes and work muscles that I don't think I even knew existed in my flabby frame.  I am getting stronger already.  I pair these workouts with my gym workouts. Again, I L-O-V-E them.  I am not one to say I love exercise either -- ever. 

Now, the big question?  Has it been working?


Over the past couple weeks, I have lost a little over 5 pounds (which is really good for me).  I did take my measurements before, but have not remeasured yet to see if I have lost inches.

This has been working so well, in fact, that 3 people at work have complimented me and have noticed that I am dropping weight!  One of them was a man!  Men never notice these things, I my opinon...so, SCORE!

Soooo, I just wanted to let you know that I am still at it over here.  I have just taken a break because I had no clue what I was doing for awhile.  I am sorry if have been sick of reading about my diet of the week.  It is just something that has truly been an experiment for me.  What will work?  What will be the program that really clicks with me?   This one really has so far.  It says 21 day fix, but I plan to stick with it for more than 21 days.  (I recently became a Beachbody Coach, so if you are interested in the 21 Day Fix, let me know! I would be happy to give you more information!)

I have also been involved in a 90 day challenge with Jess and some of her readers.  We are trying to get our bodies presentable for swim suit season.  I know that I want to feel more confident in my bathing suit when I head to the beach in June!  So far so good!  I am going to continue to work myself hard so that I can feel good when relaxing on the beach.

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  1. I have heard amazing things about 21 Day Fix! I just finished Focus T25 and now I'm taking a break from beachbody programs, I just started Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 dvd. Loved it!

    Thanks for joinging our Motivation Monday blog hop :)


  2. I am so glad to hear good things about the 21 day fix! I am waiting for mine to ship. I also wanted it for the 30 minute workouts. If they are any longer, I just can't do it. And I completely agree with you about the minute I am told I can't eat something that is exactly what I will crave and obsess over.

  3. Thanks for coming over to the Motivation Monday link up! I agree, I can't eliminate anything (other than the gazillion of things I just don't like to begin with!) The moment I even THINK about cutting sugar or bread or something, the cravings kick in like crazy. I'm not particularly good at fighting cravings. I count calories using MFP (My Fitness Pal) ... I know I'd do better if I ate better foods, but for now I'm at least trying to write everything down and keep calories in check. I love to exercise, that part of the program isn't an issue for me :)



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