Mar 12, 2014

My Least Favorite Word

/adj/ excessively fat

/noun/  more than average fatness

I hate the word obese.  I think I would still hate it even if I wasn’t categorized as being it.  The very definition is just awful.   Unfortunately, the reality is that I am what obese is defined as being.  So, why does this word bother me so much?  I guess because I feel like in too many circumstances a person call allow the word obese to define them.  I have done this.  If I am not excessively fat or obese (cringe) then who am I?  I AM, afterall, the fat girl.

I have tried really hard to change this unhealthy way of thinking.  The thing is...I don’t feel like I am the definition of a fat girl (whatever that may be) anymore.  I am enjoying my new active lifestyle and I feel so much better now that I am eating healthy.  Now, fat girl Courtney takes over my mind now and again, but she does not DEFINE me.  She is no longer who I am.  Healthy Courtney is fighting her off.

I bring up my distaste for the word obese because I recently went to the doctor and under a list of my illnesses were the following:


I know that being overweight is detrimental to one’s health – I have not been living under a rock.  It was just an eye opener to see that word on my medical chart as a health impairment.

I am going to fight this.  I don’t know how long it is going to take me.  I don’t know exactly what  is going to be the method that clicks for me to get the job done.  I do know, however, that this is not a fight I am willing to lose.  I know that my weight does not define who I am.

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