Oct 23, 2013

So What Wednesday

I love the randomness that is So What Wednesday!  So, here goes...

So what if...

  • My 8 year old son is a more talented artist than I am.  I am lucky if I can draw a stick figure. It is really very sad.  Here are some samples of his art work that have been my favorites recently:

This is his dancing skeleton.  I love this one!!

This is the fire-breathing alien robot.  Sweet!

  • Darcy has proclaimed that she wants an American Girl Doll for Christmas.  They cost $110.  Santa is cheap and cannot fathom paying that much for one doll.  Darcy got a Baby Alive doll for her birthday. She is convinced that it is an American Girl doll.  I am not going to correct her any time soon. What she don't know, won't hurt her!
  • Because of my crappy eating habits during the past week, I am going grain free this week to get myself back on track.  I am going through withdrawal like I did the first time.  It sucks.  If only I could have just stuck with it the first time and spared myself the agony twice.  Seems to logical, I guess.
  • I get the crazy desire to purchase stylish new clothing when I am broke.  
  • It costs over $40 flippin dollars to purchase school pictures these days.  Ugh...
  • Work has been stressing me out a lot lately.  I have got to learn that I cannot always be everything to everyone.  
  • I am reading Dan Brown's Inferno and it is really good.  Only problem is that reading seems to make me instantly tired this week and I pass out asleep before I can even finish a chapter.  It really is a good book!  Not sure why it is acting as a sedative.
  • I am waiting to put our pumpkins outside because the damn squirrels eat them every damn year.  We spend hours carving cool designs, only to have chunks eaten out of them less than 24 hours later.   I am going to try some internet ideas for repelling them.  We'll see if it works.  

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  1. I loved American Girls when I was little, but mostly the books. I think my parents hid it from me that there were dolls for a long while. But they also weren't as popular then as they are now. Anyhoo, one year I got the Felicity doll for Christmas with her blue Christmas outfit and I was so happy. I didn't really play with dolls or barbies in the normal way, I would just dress them up everyday and set them around my room. So my parents had no money but my Mom knew how much I would love new clothes for felicity. She was at the mall one day and saw a random stand selling clothes that fit the american girls that this lady hand made. They were so much cheaper and I never knew the difference. Looking back it makes me so happy and sad that my parents spent that money on me like that and how excited my Mom must have been to find that lady at the mall.



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