Jul 19, 2013


Ok, so, today there are many small topics that I wanna touch upon.  So many, I'm gonna give you whiplash! Kapow!  Well, maybe not, but I am gonna to some topic jumpin'.  Just a warning.

Letters of Encouragement:

Let's say you are struggling with something in your life right now.  How much would a surprise letter in the mail to encourage you and get through your struggle brighten your day?  Probably a lot, right?  One of my favorite blogger buddies, Jacqui, is starting an encouraging letters project.   Her goal is to help make some days a little brighter.  Who can argue with that?  If there is enough interest, she hopes to turn it to a letter exchange.  Check out her blog today to see how you can get involved!

Progress Pictures:

I have written a couple times this week about how the scale was not moving for some unknown reason.  I decided to take some new pictures and do side by sides of my original before pics to see if there has been any progress.

When I first looked at this, I couldn't really see much of a difference.  When I looked closer, I DID see that there is a little less muffin top going on.  I can't see overwhelming progress here, but I CAN see it...kinda.

Now, when I looked at this side by side comparison, I DEFINITELY saw progress.  It is apparent to me that I have firmed up.  I am not even sucking it in or anything.  (Please disregard the laundry and unmade bed in the background...it was still early in the morning.)    So, this comparison made me feel super happy.  I really need to start taking measurements, because that is where I think I am going to see the results I am looking for.  My health issues are gonna make me retain water a lot, so I think the scale is just gonna piss me off for awhile.  

Clothes I wanna buy:

I am trying really hard to do better with my wardrobe.  For years and years I have purchased boring clothes with no pattern and lots of dark colors (AKA fat camouflage).  It is like I have told myself that I do not deserve fun things like patterns and dresses, because who wants to see my fat legs?  I am really trying to do better in this regard.  The truth is that pretty clothes make you feel pretty, thus improving your confidence.  I have been reading a lot of inspiring blogs this summer, and some have proven to me that it is possible to be plus sized and fashionable at the same time.   Sooo, this summer I have been on kind of a dress kick.  I have purchased 4 dresses, which is more than I have purchased in the past 4 years combined.  I got them at amazing, sale prices (I am big on coupons and clearance racks).  I managed to get two Lane Bryant dresses and only pay $10 out of pocket (BOOYAH!).

I actually bought my first maxi dress.  I had never bought them before, because when I put them on I looked like a pregnant whale.  The last time I tried one on, I decided to go a size smaller. Guess what?  No more pregnant whale.  It looked, dare I say, nice.  It never occurs to me to go a size smaller.  I actually bought a dress in an size 14/16.  Granted, it is a cotton dress with stretch, but I will take it!  I pair it with a cardigan, because I am not ready to expose my arms on purpose yet.

Sorry, I am the world's worst selfie-in-the-mirror picture taker.

These are the clothes on my wish list right now:

Ok, I know these are lacking in the color department.  I just really like them.  I seem to be attracted to black and blue.  I can't help myself.  The dresses I bought this summer are bright pink, purple, and salmon colored though.  So, progress has been made.  

  1. I just think this is adorable. I found it on the Forever 21 website.  I did not realize until recently that Forever 21 even sold plus sizes.  Yes, I am late to the party...as usual.  Can't say I own anything with polka dots at the moment. You can't tell, but the polka dots are pink.  I am worried it might be too short though. I like the cut.  Another bonus is that it is under $20.
  2. This is also Forever 21.  I don't own any shirt dresses.  I just loved the style of this one.. very cute with the belt.  I think this would be good for work.  Again, kinda of worried about length.  
  3. Forever 21, again!  You can't see this really well, but it has a little ruffled panel at the top.  I thought this would be super cute paired with black pants and flats for work.  Some jewelry to add some pop would be nice with it, I think.
  4. This is a Lane Bryant maxi skirt.  I have been eyeing it for awhile.  I can't bring myself to buy it yet though because it costs over $50.  As per usual, I am waiting for a sale, so I can swoop on in and buy it.  
So what do you think?  Are these lame choices?  Do I need fashion help?  I have no one to shop with, but my husband and he will tell me he likes anything as long as it means we get to leave soon!

Well, that concludes my ramblings.  Congratulations, if you made it to the end!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Love those outfits! I didn't know they sold plus sizes either! My daughter could spend days in that place. Congrats on the progress too...I can definitely see a difference.

  2. Love the clothes! OH MY GOSH GIRL I TOTALLY SEE THE CHANGE!! You are crazy! Look at yourself and how amazing you look already!!

    I can't believe how awesome you are doing! I defintely agree that you need to do measurements, it is a great way to see what is changing and where. I love doing my measurements every month. I do the variety of pictures and measurements. I would also recommend (scary I know) doing pictures just for yourself where you put on a sports bra and shorts so that you can really see the difference! I promise you will start to see the difference if you can really see everything!

    Please don't get upset or lose hope over numbers not changing or even going up every now and then. It's how you feel and look that matters. You can easily see that you are doing the right things!


    1. Rebecca, you are so sweet. Maybe I am PMSing, but your kind words brought tears to my eyes. It is so touching to be so supported by someone you have never even had the pleasure to meet in person. Thanks so much for the constant support and encouragement. I have some sports bra pics. I will follow your advice and take those monthly. No way in heck the interwebs are gonna see those...not yet, at least :)

      Thank you again!

  3. Okay...oops I rambled and I totally didn't mean to write a post of my own in the comments lol :) <3 you

    1. Totally fine! Every word was appreciated.

  4. I could see the difference in the first two pics right away! And also the second set. Good job!! Kevin and I have noticed a difference in how you look in person. You're definitely making progress, even if the scale won't say so right now.

    I love the pink dress. And I would totally wear those clothes, especially #1.

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I appreciate the feedback. It is good to know that all this hard work is paying off...even if the pounds are not technically dropping. :) I am pretty sure I am gonna order #1. Worst that can happen is that it doesn't fit and I have to send it back.

  5. Oh my goodness Courtney I can actually see the difference and guess what? Although those things in your wishlist looks great, I suggest getting a new wishlist. You look great in color. Get a few more color. Get the first dress if you must but definitely get some color.

  6. Oh my goodness Courtney I can actually see the difference and guess what? Although those things in your wishlist looks great, I suggest getting a new wishlist. You look great in color. Get a few more color. Get the first dress if you must but definitely get some color.



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