Jul 3, 2013

So What? Wednesday

So What Wednesday

So what if...

  1. I have a stupid sore throat and appear to be getting a cold in JULY!  Seriously? So what, shmo what....this pisses me off...
  2. The humidity makes it impossible for me to have good hair.  Despite my appearance, I really DO care about the way I look.
  3. The sunburn I got last week has caused me to peel and I am now left with pale skin again instead of a tan.  
  4. I am doing a cleanse this week and really just want a piece of toast. Who craves toast?
  5. All of my pets took a collective crap on the carpet the other day.  This is not typical.  Is this their way of flipping me off?
  6. (Speaking of crap...) My son and daughter are now completely amused by yelling out words like "Poop!" and "Buttcheeks!"
  7. I laugh sometimes when they shout out "Poop!" and "Buttcheeks!"
  8. I decided to do a cleanse the same week I am going to two barbecues.  I is smart.
  9. I have done the 30 Day Shred DVD so many times, I can now recite lines.  "I could always use a good chest fly in my life!"
  10. I just organized my shoes on a shoe rack that my husband can see.  I now feel exposed, because he will no longer believe me when I say that I "need" a new pair of shoes.  
  11. I was too worn out to give the kids a bath last night.  They can just play in the sprinklers today while playing with bubbles at the same time.  That should work, right?  
  12. I consider choosing and purchasing a delicious watermelon as one of my biggest victories this week.  (You know you get excited when you open it up and see you got a good one!)
  13. Speaking of watermelon, where was this all my watermelon eating life, and why did I not think of something so simple?
  14. I am craving chocolate like crazy. Fat girl problems...


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Doesn't matter when you get a cold, it always suck. :(

  2. Ohmylanta I could relate to so many of these! Bath time, shoes, craving toast and chocolate - yes, yes, yes. I walked in on this conversation between the five year old girl and two year old boy: "Don't play with your penis. You could DIE." I had to leave them room so they wouldn't see me smile because then every.single.conversation would include those phrases. The joys of mothering ;-)

    1. LOL Mothering is certainly never boring. Luckily, they haven't started discussing penises yet. I always leave the room when I laugh at their antics. There is just something about my cute, sweet little 3 year old randomly yelling out "butt cheeks" that gets me every time.

  3. Just found your blog from FatChick2FitChick... Oh man, I totally agree about the raisins, LOL!! And I am also suffering from a cold in July. What gives? haha. Hope you are feeling better!!! New follower right here!

    1. Hey, Heather! Welcome to my little blog! I hope you feel better too. Luckily, I am already feeling a lot better than I did on Wednesday. Take care and enjoy your weekend!



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