Jul 5, 2013

Runnin' With the Corn

No,I am not losin' it. Although I do picture those food macots running around at baseball games. Like the hotdog versus the bratwurst... Totally seeing myself running with mascot corn right now. Awesome!  Ok,moving on...

What I meant was this:
I took a run near my in-laws' house this morning in New Haven,IN (a small town just outside of Fort Wayne). It was such a different atmosphere and I loved every minute of it. Everything was so quiet and I saw peaceful views like that...quite different than Cincinnati.  I also didn't mind trading in the hills of the 'Nati for a flat running terrain. I know the hills are good for me in the long run,but it was a welcome change. The biggest hill I had to run on was the driveway back up to the house. 

I also know that I said I would not blog until we got home,but I lied. I am sitting
on the front porch enjoying the breeze and cooling off. Figured I may as well say hello. It won't be long though,cause I am doing this from the Blogger app on my iPhone. So,this pretty much feels like I  am sending one giant text. 

I am just so proud of myself. Usually my suitcase is packed with merely good intentions. As in there are workout clothes in there,but they never get used. Today I used them. Yesterday,I ate like a champ and FINALLY decided to focus in the great people surrounding me as opposed to the delicious,yet calorie-laden food. I know that doesn't seem like much but even "typing" about it on my little phone brings me to tears. It IS a
big deal,for me. So while I still have a lot of weight to still lose,I am making breakthroughs every single day. I am finally proud of myself,which is something I have not felt in a long time. 

So,I guess I close today with giving you the challenge of making a new breakthrough...even if it is something as small as not going back for seconds. But see,that is small to me,but it could be HUGE for you! We all have very unique battles. Fight yours the best way you know how.
Sweaty me post run. If this gal can do it,you can too. Or at least this girl is happy to be a source of support! Happy Friday,everyone!


  1. You're doing great! And I know when you have great news you want to share so we understand about you blogging. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! I am feeling better than I have for a long time.

  2. I'm glad you are noticing your breakthroughs and successes! You are doing so wonderful! I am so proud for you! (Something I say with my daughter...I don't want her to make me proud, I want her to make herself proud...kind of a Montessori saying I suppose.)

    Keep up the great work and have a fun filled weekend!

  3. Good for you! I was proud of myself at the picnic yesterday until someone busted out the desserts... uh oh!



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