Jul 9, 2013

Baldy McNohair

This post is not about weight loss, but is an interesting look at how hectic my life can be on any given day (join the club, right?).

Picture it.  Sicily Cincinnati. 2013.

A busy, distracted mother accidentally shaves her son's head...


Yes, you read that correctly (Also,major cool points if you caught the above reference).  Here is a little background:

So, for the past few years, Tim and I have been giving Aidan haircuts at home with clippers.  You see, Aidan was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a mild Autism Spectrum Disorder), when he was 4 years old.  He has a lot of sensory issues, which made taking him for haircuts agony when he was younger.  He would scream his lungs out and I would have to pretty much restrain him to get the haircuts done.  It was hell on the stylist, but I tipped exceptionally well for the trouble.  Kids cuts cost $4 at this salon, and I tipped her $20.   Basically, he did not like the sights and sounds of a hair salon and he has big issues with people messing with or around his ears.  It became such a nightmare, that we resigned to doing home haircuts.  He was fine with that because he got to do it in his own home, and he got to watch daddy cut his hair with the same clippers.  They didn't hurt daddy, so it must be ok.

So, last week I took Aidan for his first professional haircut in years, and he did a fantastic job.  It is amazing what a little occupational therapy and maturity can do for a kid.  Taking him, reminded me of the time I "ruined" his hair.  

It was a normal evening.  It was bath night, and Aidan's hair was getting really long. So, I decided it was a perfect time for a cut.  I got the clippers ready, and put the guard on.  I cut his hair.  All was well.   The next morning was a nightmare.  I was running a little late for work.  Things were hell at work, so I was very preoccupied and distracted.  Tim calls upstairs, "Courtney, you missed a couple spots on Aidan's hair.  I am sending him up.  Please fix it real quick!"  Great.  I am already in a hurry, but this shouldn't take long.

Aidan comes up and sits down in the bathroom.  I get the clippers and then I proceed to start running them through his hair to find spots I missed.   I run the clippers right down the middle of his head.  I then realize that I FORGOT TO PUT THE GUARD ON!!  Moron!!!  I was HORRIFIED.  I just stood there in shock and then tears started running down my face, looking at what appeared to be a reverse mohawk.  Poor little Aidan was so unsuspecting.  "Mommy? Mommy? What's wrong?? Why are you crying?"  I just whispered, "your hair."  The little boy reaches up to feel his head and feels the damage I did.  "MOMMY!! I WANT HAIR!! I WANT HAIR!!"  (I know it was bad for me to get emotional in front of him, but I couldn't believe what I had just done.)  So, I had to shave the poor little boy's head.  Completely.  In the middle of February.  In Ohio.  

This was the result.  He is blonde and so he looked so bald!  Now, I know in the grand scheme of things it is not a huge deal that a boy had his head shaved.  Some of you may do it to your kids all the time -- on purpose.  It was just a moment where I realized that I was far too distracted with other things at home.  My common sense had gone out the window.  I mean, as you can see by how happy he is in the these pictures, he didn't really care.  He got over it real quick.  I did e-mail his teacher though and explain that there was an "incident" with the clippers and that Aidan would show up to school looking very different.  I basically begged her to tell him that she loved it. Oh,and Tim decided to call him Baldy McNohair (thus the blog title).Aidan loved that new nickname. 

Now, I look back on it and laugh.  It was a silly incident that I hope never to repeat.  His hair was finally getting long again, so we went for that professional haircut.  Not ONLY because I am banned from using the clippers again, but also because I want him to learn how to handle things like going somewhere to get his hair cut.  You know what?  He did a FANTASTIC JOB.

Here is is during and after:


  1. Motherhood is awesome. Kids are resilient. Thank the Lord. :)

  2. He was such a trooper about the whole thing. Kudos to you Aidan. Not sure if I told you but I have an 8 yr old autistic son as well. May have hinted at it when we did our Autism Awareness post in April. You'll finally see a pic of him on my Fridays post and he's made such great progress as well. Good job Aidan!

    1. I do remember seeing that you had an Autistic son, I did not realize he was the same age as my son though. It is definitely a journey filled with challenges and surprises. He has is quirks, but without them he would not be Aidan, you know? He really has been a trooper and I am so proud of him.

  3. I wonder who was more upset...you or him? Poor thing! My motto has always been...it's hair...it will grow back! :) He sure is lookin' good now :)



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