Jun 30, 2013

Sorry! Technical Difficulties!

I was having some problems with my blog settings that I was not aware of.

First, Brandy at Throwing the Yo-Yo Away, was so kind to let me know that I had a setting on my blogger profile that was not allowing anyone to reply to comments I leave.  Whoops!  I went in and figured out how to fix that.  (Thank you, Brandy!)

In the process of clicking around and trying to figure out how to fix it, I managed to turn off something allowing others to comment on my blog.  Whoops, again!   Rebecca at Southern Mess Mom, was kind enough to inform me of that one too.  Thank you, Rebecca!

I felt bad because I love reading and responding to everyone's comments!  I wasn't trying to be anti-social, I promise.

Anyway, everything should be up and running the way it should be now!

Thanks, again, to Brandy and Rebecca for letting me know about the problems!


  1. I sent you a message on Twitter informing you of it as well when I couldn't comment. Glad you got everything back up and running. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I totally missed the tweet, but I really appreciate you sending it. I really should check my Twitter account more frequently. I have not really caught on yet, I guess. :)

      Thanks, again!

  2. Glad it is working! I love being able to comment on your stories :)

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com

  3. No problem. Glad I was able to let you know.



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